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guaranteed winners in our "bulls & bears" super bowl predictions gary b? >> if i can't root for the redskins, i got to go with the ravens. i think they'll win. right there in ravens town of baltimore, price, i like financials, i think it's up dramatically by super bowl 14. >> jonas. >> i like financials. ets is eating their lunch. >> john, your prediction? >> i'm a dallas cowboy fans, which means i hate football apparently. i'm looking forward to the game tomorrow. i see the ravens will win. mason is based out of baltimore. the market taking off. good stock. could be up as much as 25, 30% in a year. >> toby? >> john b is the only person who played in the nfl, but he is right on the ravens, he's rock on the stock. >> jonas? >> 49ers and san francisco's own charles shah walk, good for -- schaub. >> gary b? >> i'm bearish.
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i she schwab is yesterday's news. >> tobin? >> tomorrow the raves are going to win. but the bigger issue is also under armor does benefits, so i like the ravens. >> john, do toby. >> i like his pick for the super bowl, but i think the stock is ahead of itself. >> i'm a california girl. 49ers go, but the real winning team, on business. >> refund! refund? are you crazy? refund? refund? refund! >> are unions looking for a health care refund? hello, everyone, i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. call it buyer's remorse. a new report saying the unions are upset with the health care law they supported.
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now they want federal subsidies, but they ask for the law in the first place. should they pay for it? beagen mcdowell, adam, charlie and gary k. >> they should pay for every dime. the politicians didn't read the bill. the unions didn't read the bill. every time obama comes -- president obama comes out with something, they just back it no matter what, and all of a sudden they have an oops moment 'cause they realized oh, my costs go up, so please help me. i think the bottom line, they'll end up with some sort of exemption, some sort of subsidy and guess what? it will be on our backs as usual. >> i know, but it's kind of interesting, dagen, maybe expecting quid pro quo didn't happen. >> to gary's point, if they get these subsidies on top of -- these members already having health insurance, that just opens the door for handouts to anybody. will ultimately drive up the cost of this health care law even more. listen, this law was about
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expanding health insurance to people who didn't have it. well, union members, you have it. your costs go up. suck it up. that's the way it goes [ laughter ] >> you like that one, huh? >> charlie, they've got -- to dagen's point, they qualify for breaks -- >> it's kind of absurdity of the health care law in the first place that there is all these sort of outs, you can get an out if you're a union member. by the way t doesn't really work. it can't. i'm not saying it ever was designed to work, but at least thee receipticcally, you can't -- it can't work with all these exemptions. it reminds me of all those kids coming out of college, 18, in college, 18 to 22 who voted for the president. got his lousy economy, and pretty weak prescriptions to solving our problems. and are now out of work and are complaining. you get what you pay for, guys. >> ben, that's a great point.
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do you feel like maybe the union -- obviously put a lot of money behind the president's reelection campaign. they went out there, they campaigned for him and they feel like perhaps he's pulling a fast one. but ultimately, should we have to pay for it? >> i will tell you it's even worse than that, my wonderful friend. it's worse than that. but the problem is, it's not the constitution and the people in the congress don't read the bill. nancy pelosi said you have to pass it and then we'll know what's in it. that's not constitutional government! this is a colossal failure of constitutional government. it is an outrage that this happened and mr. obama should be embarrassed, humiliated and the congress should be embarrassed and hue million yachted that they passed it in the first place without knowing what was in it tore what it would call for. and the unions should be embarrassed. >> adam, that's right. these bills now are just outrageous. multi thousand pages. ironically, typically the lobbyists who help write them, but in this particular case, the unions feel like maybe they were
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sideswiped somewhat. >> let me make a small effort here to try to dial back the drama here because we should have -- >> what are you talking about? >> we should explain to people what this is about. obviously legislation sometimes has unintended consequences. the unintended consequence here is that the legislation was meant to help, i think someone had said, people who didn't have health insurance. well, that creates a disincentive for companies to continue to give the insurance in certain case. that's what the union is upset by. it doesn't shock me that the unions are going to try to be a -- i don't think it's fair to say the whole thing is a joke. >> gary k, adam typically does a good job when he says he's going to clear things up. he might have just made it worse. i'm more confused than i was before. >> going forward, here is the problem, there has already been a ton of waivers. there has already been a ton of
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exemptions. if they continue that along these lines with the unions, every tom, dick and harry and myself can ask the question, why not me? you're coming out with these laws, again, and ben said it correctly. it's absolutely obscene that they would do this. >> let me try to make it clear for you. >> i don't think anybody -- any of us knows what's going to come out on the other side of this because the numbers are going to be crazy. >> go ahead, adam. take another shot. >> my good friends are precontinueding like this is a pta meeting and that there was a provision for a bake sale next thursday. it is far more complicated than that and gary, here is the upshot, 30 million more americans are going to have health insurance. that's what the legislation was about. it is not perfect. >> by the way, adam, do you think it will save money. >> yes. >> the savings were insane. like $100 billion over ten years. >> how could it save money when there is all these exemptions?
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how can it pay for itself when -- >> be real nice, char lyrics the number within goal is to get more americans with health insurance -- >> that is the rub. >> dagen, you also talked about charlie's kids coming out of school. there are people who actually thought that they would be exempt from certain things. why we built this gigantic welfare society. the fact is, unions are just the latest to find out, guess what, you got to pony up? >> that's the issue, adam, to your point, is that these are people who are in unions who have health insurance and now the unions want extra money, a federal subsidy from the government because their health insurance costs are going to go up. now they're threatening the government saying, hey, we're just going to dump these health insurance plans all together. >> you're right. >> so my point is we have -- >> the obama administration is against them. and the obama administration has said no.
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>> you know, there is a board narrative here going on and that is that finally, the chickens are coming home to roost on president obama's varied economic policy. most people thought they voted for obama if you made less than $250,000 a year because you weren't going to get your taxes increased. guess what? you got a big fat tax increase. >> ben, go ahead. >> the worst thing that could have possibly happened in this country is to lose the constitution. that's worst than having these people covered by medicaid instead of by oak obamacare. losing the constitution is the crisis. >> we're not there yet. >> gary k, you know what? you have been staunchly opposed to this from the very beginning. i read your work. the unions are now, everyone is included. do you think this is where ben's right, that we're going in this direction, that we're going to lose the constitution? >> i don't know if you lose it whole, but i have to tell you there are pieces that are being thrown out the window right now. you know, i've been using three words, at what cost?
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all these programs at what cost? adam talked about 30 million people getting health care. terrific. at what cost? guess what? the unions who voted for this and backed it are realizing there is a cost, but all of a sudden no, we don't want the cost. and that's where the problem is going to lie going forward. >> quickly adam, somebody has to pony up and you're saying the cost doesn't matter, right? essentially that's what you're saying. >> no, i absolutely am not saying it doesn't matter. i'm saying i'm willing to pay it and -- >> remember how they sold this thing. >> i'm confused arguing with the details would not supporting concept. >> remember how they sold this thing, as health care reform. it was going to cost less and every sign suggests it's not. >> i'm not willing to subsidize the health care program of someone who already has health insurance. thank you. >> we'll leave it there, guys. >> get it on. >> think those four-year college degrees are paying off? think again. more graduates are overqualified for their current jobs and over their heads in debt.
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ed. live from america's news quarters, i'm kelly wright. it's groundhog day and punxsutawney phil has made his prediction. expect an early spring. yippy. the furry forecaster emerging this morning in western pennsylvania and he did not see his shadow. as legend has it, that means release from the brutal winter cold is just six weeks away. a new warning from egypt's prime minister over out of control violence. in a statement he said political unrest that's engulfed the
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country is hurting the ailing economy. it comes a day after protesters attacked the presidential palace in cairo. the egyptian government has seen its currency plummeting. now back to cavuto on business. in order to restore trust, we've got to make sure that taxpayer funds are not subsidizing excessive compensation packages on wall street. >> well so much for that. how about double down, that's sure to bring taxpayers down, just as we're learning 68 executives at three bailed out company getting annual pay packages of $1 million. and get this, we also found out taxpayers stand to lose $27 billion from the financial bailout. the last time they said it would be 22 billion. charlie? >> the gift that never stops giving. >> ed whitaker of gm is coming out with a new book which is on
7:45 am
my desk. >> rewe paid for that, too? >> i don't know. it was a reviewer's copy. >> really, this is outrageous! you cover the banks. we bail them out, we chastise them, beat them up in public, we fine them. but the people in the banks, they get richer! >> i believe the former treasury secretary jack lew should be in there at some point. tim geithner, he was probably one of the -- if you were a republican, you would see front page editorials, front page stories about how bad this guy was. not only did he mishandle the stimulus program, money being diverted away from construction, shovel ready projects, things like solyndra, he allows this to go on. i was for the bank bailouts. i thought armageddon was not what i wanted to see. financial armageddon, where there is no banks, no credit, you try to use your credit card, american express is out of business. that's ridiculous. but he's the guy that's supposed to make sure the companies are
7:46 am
not just getting paid all this money. >> milking the sysm is exactly what the banks continue to do. >> we're talk being aig and general motors and ally financial in terms of these pay packages and if we look at it the other way, if the federal government and the treasury department were deep inside these companies, even with the bailouts, even with the money we invested, saying you pay him this, you pay him this. if they were managing these companies in such a detailed way, we would be outraged that the government was meddling in these businesses, would we not? we bailed them out. you got to back away at some point. >> absolutely. >> and these pay packages were comparable to getting paid in other industries. >> the people that took these jobs did not have to take these jobs. they took it knowing that they were going to run bailed out companies and try to bring them back and i'll tell you, once you're bailed out, once you make that deal with the devil, what are you going to do is this. >> the fact of the matter is, if you wreck something, you don't get paid a lot of money because,
7:47 am
you know, you're doing a comparable job. am some point you pay some sort of penalty, at least a financial penalty, no? >> no, i'm afraid not? >> really? >> once you run a health company, you can do whatever you want. the board is pretty much in your hip pocket. you can do whatever you want. you can pretty much do whatever you want. >> the governor owns shares. >> mr. geithner is in the pocket of all these and wait until we see how much mr. geithner is going to make when he leaves. that's going to be out there. by the way, they had to bail them out. i totally agree with charlie that we can not have armageddon. we're paying a price, but it's a lot less than armageddon. >> that's a kind of fact we'll always debate. here is the thing, people watching this show still can't understand this, allied bank, ge, these names and the billions of dollars they get, government contracts, they get cheap money from the fed, they get bailed out at the taxpayers' expense and still make money that most people can only dream of.
7:48 am
>> look, i didn't expect anything different. we listened to all this huffing and puffing about how we're going to work on executive compensation, that it's too much. i am one that thinks a person should make as much as they can get, as long as they negotiate and fair. the problem is a lot of this is taxpayers dollars. but guess what? the banks and politicians are right neck deep together and this is where you end up with these type of numbers. nothing we can do about it. no accountability and this is how we get here. >> adam, i guess you agree with all of this, huh? >> the only person who is making any sense in this segment at all is dagen. she's already said it perfectly. we didn't want to be in ruling on each one. we've given people selective information. yes, we've lost some money on the bank bailouts. overall on the investments that we made on the financial crisis and most importantly -- that was
7:49 am
the right thing to do. it's not about punishing an executive here and an executive there. >> i love adam, but you and journalists like you sit around, opine about executive compensation, how these guys are paying too much, and here we have a point not that just getting paid too much, these are companies that were owned in large part by the federal government and they still got these big pay packages. that's an outrage! >> you made the cake! >> you probably a-- >> (talking over each other). >> wait one secretary. we're running out of time. first of all, were you shocked that you and adam were on the same page? >> a little bit. a big bit. >> but are you saying, dagen, that we can bail out these companies and not have any form of accountable -- >> there is some accountability, but i didn't personally want the government micromanaging these businesses. again, it's the trouble of a bailout is like how much do you
7:50 am
want some middle manager at the treasury managing general motors? what do they know about auto make. >> rick: it's a lose-lose. >> although we could also argue how much general motors know about running general motors. >> come on, man. >> let's leave it there. >> shareholder rights, that's when it's called. >> it could get bumpy for flyers. passengers in europe suing over delayed flights. get ready to pay more for tickets right here [ woman ] if you have the audacity to believe your financial advisor should focus on your long-term goals, not their short-term agenda. [ male announcer ] join the nearly 7 million investors
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>> make them wait and they'll make you pay. a major ruling in the u.k. allowing travelers to sue airlines for delays of more than three hours. passengers could get more than 700 bucks for a claim. oh, and get this, no airline is exempt from having to pay, including those based in america. gary k, you ready to pay more for airline fees? >> no, thank you. we're already paying for bags. we pay for overhead. next is going to be the pay toilets. the bottom line is if you keep putting all these things on to the airlines, it's coming right back at us. it's stupid. >> this is nuts. i know you like the airlines and you like free markets, but do we have to subsidize travel for the u.k.? north texas, they can barely
7:55 am
take off as it is. >> well, adam, ironically, you have been the most capitalistic person. does it extend this far? >> no. no problem with all the fees. that's just the price of flying. but this is a really stupid rule. you don't want to pressure the airlines into getting them up in bad weather or mechanical problem. the delays sometimes, oftentimes are for those reasons. >> dagen what, if this comes to america? >> very good point. >> we will not do that. we already have rules in place. you can't leave passengers stranded on the tarmac more than three hours, which by the way, has worked. god forbid a plane is late. you know what? deal with it. it's life. it's the world. it's not your right to get somewhere on a plane on time. >> are you frustrated? >> you know what i do when i get frustrated? the i shut the heck up because you will get arrested if you throw a scene in the airport. >> what about you, charlie? >> someone on this network has a
7:56 am
fetish for the airlines 'cause we keep talking about this. okay. >> it's a common thread. everybody flies. we all do. >> i'm going to talk to neil. >> do you like this idea, though? or do you think it's nuts that we would maybe ultimately end up paying more air fare because some guy in london got delayed on a plane? >> ask me if i think communism is good? >> do you think communism is good? >> no. [ laughter ] >> all right, guys. thanks a lot. you are fantastic. my thanks to charlie and dagen. up next here, what's more american than the super bowl? making money and our team has championship picks ready to score for you. (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online
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